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One way to ensure a solid strike on your chip shots is to use a hybrid. The shape and design of the head help good striking, even from awakard lies or when feeling anxious. 
The fundamentals of a hybrid chip: 
Use this shot when on the fringe/fairway 
Hold lower on the grip for control 
Have the ball postion in the middle of your stance 
Withdraw left foot slighlty to move your left hip out of the way.(If left handed reverse as appropriate). 
Use a putting stroke, so try to isolate movement to your shoulders (dont use your wrists) 
In terms of strike, this shot is unlikley to go wrong, but intially pace control may be a struggle. Practice a few times before taking on the course. 
A plugged lie in a bunker is a shot many golfers fear, but with a few small adjustments to set up and the application of correct technique, this shot can be mastered by anyone. 
Set up: Turn the club face at address so that it is facing the sky, adding loft to the club is key to the success of this shot. Also in set up have more weight on your left foot, so that 70% of your weight is on your left side. 
Back Swing: Ensure you have a complete wrist hinge, and maintain weight on left side. 
Down Swing: It is vital at this point that you maintain your wrist angle, so when you strike the sand the club face has maximum loft, hold the club tighter than usual so club does not twist in the sand. Also it is essential that the club is accelerating into the sand, the amount of speed is dependent on length of shot and overall lie of the ball. 
Ball Flight: The ball will come out of the sand with less spin than normal, so you need to plan for the ball to run up to the target. 
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