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One way to ensure a solid strike on your chip shots is to use a hybrid. The shape and design of the head help good striking, even from awakard lies or when feeling anxious. 
The fundamentals of a hybrid chip: 
Use this shot when on the fringe/fairway 
Hold lower on the grip for control 
Have the ball postion in the middle of your stance 
Withdraw left foot slighlty to move your left hip out of the way.(If left handed reverse as appropriate). 
Use a putting stroke, so try to isolate movement to your shoulders (dont use your wrists) 
In terms of strike, this shot is unlikley to go wrong, but intially pace control may be a struggle. Practice a few times before taking on the course. 
A common fault I see are players not rotating there hips in the correct way. A lot of golfers will slide there hips forwards towards target, a common fault transferred from other sports (e.g. Cricket). This lack of rotation leads to poor striking and a tendency to pull or slice shots. So if you feel like this could apply to you, take this one swing thought out on the course when you next play: 
Below are the three most important technical points to consider when trying to improve your pitching. 
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